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Bubble Time Expo

Time Tea and Coffee

Inspired to become one of the 1st Bubble Tea shops ever open in Lisbon, Time Tea and Coffee was established in December 2017. While the bubble tea market was booming in China and the USA, it was not well known in Portugal. In the beginning, we had to explain to every single client what Bubble Tea was and how to place an order. But soon the younger generation was noticing us and the words of Time in Expo started growing from mouth to mouth. As time passed, we grew solid and so did our bubble tea community.

Bubble Time Saldanha

Bubble Lab

Inspired to bring the finest and most authentic recipes to Lisbon, Bubble Lab was established in March 2019. The project was born during a long phone call, while one of us was living in NYC and the other in Portsmouth, UK. We were amazed at the Bubble Tea concept and how it was growing worldwide, and we wanted Bubble Lab to be known as the finest Bubble Tea shop in the country where we were raised. When our paths met again in Lisbon we decided to make this project a reality. And in a few years, we became a benchmark for the bubble tea community.

Bubble Time Roma

Bubble Time

Portugal is a small country, and still a growing Boba community. Time and Bubble Lab started seeing each other more often at events. And there was this sense of competitive rivalry in the air which pushed both brands over the years to excel even further to create better products. However, the highest quality is created from collaboration more than the competition. So after putting all the differences aside, Bubble Lab and Time decided to collaborate for the first time on the Iberanime Lisbon event. With the same goal: to bring the best Asian products and offer the best bubble tea to all the event participants. At that point, our future was clear. Bubble Time was established in September 2022 from the merger of Bubble Lab and Time Tea and Coffee.

Our Mission



We do it because we love it. 

We are dreamers who nurture ideas, and hard workers who inspire excellence.


We celebrate differences and embrace diversity. 

We encourage an inclusive vision to create a world where everybody belongs.


We find new ways to move forward in improving ourselves and our company.

We value all individuals and pave the way to make them successful.


We treat everybody equally, with integrity and respect.

We think compassionately, listen with an open heart, and help each other.


We strive to simplify processes and activities.

We remove complexity to deliver the best experience to our customers, partners, and coworkers.

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